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Nancheng County, Jiangxi Gil Logistics Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in road freight transport, car rental and shipping agency services of private enterprises. The company was founded in 2009, the registered capital of RMB ten million, headquartered in autumn garden Nancheng County of Jiangxi Province, adjacent to the toll station. 2016 Gil logistics by the National Federation of logistics procurement and evaluation of AAA logistics enterprises.
Since its inception, the logistics business has been growing at an annual rate of 50% in the year. The company has a transportation network of about more than and 100. Gil logistics transport network, to highway and country highway as the basis, according to customer demand, the development of Tianjin, built in Guangzhou, Ningbo, Wuxi and Chengdu five for the central, nationwide information freight network, with the modern and scientific operation management mode to provide a full range of all in one service for customers. Gil has advanced logistics transport and management of facilities, with 15 to 100 tons of standard more than and 600 van, standard shipping container trailer more than and 150, the delivery of more than and 50 vehicles.
From 2010 began to become Chinese Ocean Shipping Group Co. Ltd. agreement team, started in the dock trailer business, currently in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Guangyu wharf of Nansha port, Shenzhen dachanwan port, Humen port, Tianjin port, Ningbo port, Beilun port, Qinzhou state have set up offices and carry out the trailer business. It is now the only one of the COSCO Group that has been able to provide Trailer services at all terminals. Gil logistics is currently the focus of COSCO Group agreement fleet.
Gil attaches great importance to logistics information technology for the enterprise to improve the service capacity, improving the information system of logistics information management system, vehicle management system, GPS satellite positioning system, financial management system, logistics transportation marks Gil into the digital era.
The future of Gil, the carriage of goods by road industry as the leading industry, promote coordinated development of shipping industry, to speed the quality as the center, with information to help improve the efficiency of transportation, providing a set of logistics, information flow and capital flow to customers in one efficient, safe and accurate modern business logistics service.




Contact: NanCheng JIER Logistic CO., LTD.

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Add: Guangzhou City, Whampoa  double sand wharf Guangyu old office building two floor

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