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Packaging is one of the most important branch of the logistics, can resist the goods in the process of storage due to vibration, impact, friction, loading and unloading of goods damaged, to remedy the damage at the same time through the packaging packaging also has caused in the course of transportation, the goods and packaging to prevent further exacerbate the damage, in order to achieve the purpose of delivering the goods in good condition; far into the group in the course of development towards a comprehensive logistics, realize the importance of packaging, through the operation of the experience, the introduction of the successful experience of advanced packaging logistics enterprises at home and abroad, to develop effective packaging operation scheme, has implemented in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other regions.
01 service type
Various types of carton packaging services;
Textile bag packaging service;
Small pieces of plastic packaging services;
Homemade wooden box packaging services;
Bin packing service;
Rack, pallet packaging services;
Provide personalized packaging solutions
02 service scope
Far into the East China distribution center, North China distribution center, the northwest distribution center set up a package of the project team, at the same time, the company also carried out various branches of packaging services.




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