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Since 2008, has established a total of about 400000 square meters of storage base. Warehouse structure for steel structure, automatic lifting platform, security monitoring, fire fighting equipment, also has high forklifts, shelves and pallets and other logistics equipment, mature operation experience of 10 years, can provide warehousing, transportation, distribution, sorting, packaging, inspection, dismantle, counseling and testing and other value-added services.
Far into the group by the warehouse management information system of internationalization and standardization of storage facilities and professional (WMS), to provide warehousing services for Sinopec, Sinochem International, Wuliangye, Canon, Giti, ITAT, tire pharmaceutical and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.




Contact: NanCheng JIER Logistic CO., LTD.

Tel: 0794-7227333


Add: Guangzhou City, Whampoa  double sand wharf Guangyu old office building two floor

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