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  • International shipping business
  • International shipping business
International shipping businessInternational shipping business

International shipping business

  • Product description: International shipping business

For import and export goods declaration procedures, arrangements for handling, cargo handling, fumigation etc.; the goods for customs declaration, booking, transit, warehousing, container disassembly and assembly; insurance, inland transportation, multimodal transport services and related consulting services. According to the needs of customers and the difficulty of customs clearance of goods, flexible transportation and customs clearance of goods, to ensure the lowest cost, safe service destination quality.
Air freight: international express waybill electronic download
For all kinds of goods import and export cargo transport, including shipping, from door to door transport; provide air, land and air transport and multimodal transport; customers for the goods, delivery, customs clearance, customs clearance and storage service; one-stop transportation services to the world within the scope of import and export documents, samples and small articles.




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